New Era of Fundraising - Program Details for Non-Profits

National Wildlife Federation's implementation:

Description of the Fund Raising Tool (pronounced "honor-it") allows people to share links to over 4,500 online stores to raise money for charity.

Essentially, people share links to friends and family and raise funds for charity in two different ways:

Option 1: Shorten and Share a Link to a Store, Product or Service

  • Once a purchase is made from that particular link, a referral payout is generated from the online retailer. Edeems then shares 90% of that payout with your organization.
  • Example: Your organization shares a link on Facebook to announcing a fundraiser. A person then purchases a $200 stroller using the link. Your organization just made $12 on one purchase at Target. Now, imagine if 10 or even 100 people purchased from that same link? There is no limit!

Option 2: Shorten a Link to Other Stuff (Online Content - News, Images, Video, etc...)

  • Shorten and share links to anything online. We show an advertisement that earns money every time it is viewed (small amounts that add up over time). Again, Edeems will share 90% of the advertising revenue with your organization.
  • Example: You decide to send out a link to a picture gallery on Twitter. Knowing that you need a short link for Twitter (140 character limit) you recognize the benefit of using to shorten this link. Now every time someone clicks that link, an advertiser pays us, and we share 90% with you.

Benefits to Non-Profits

  • - Allows individuals to share links to anything online and raise funds for your organization
  • - Effectively reach and capture the involvement of the socially immersed Generation Y
  • - No Cost
  • - No Commitment
  • - Marketing support from our team at Edeems

For a program to be successful, we encourage:

  • - Utilizing links whenever a link is shared by the organization on Facebook & Twitter
  • - Creative promotions: "Buy flowers using for Mothers day and benefit Race for Cure"
  • - Encouraging your members / donors to use anytime they share a link online
  • - Highlighting your organizations site as new means of charitable giving from the Additional Ways to Donate page of your website

A customized link shortener

Edeems will create a link shortening web page for your organization. An example is this NWF page - All you do is provide the graphics and the copy and promote the page to your members.