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Raise money for your community fundraiser through social networking and online shopping! Each fundraiser receives its own unique webpage so you may share with friends & family while promoting on Twitter, Facebook & Myspace.

Whether you're volunteering at a fire department, animal shelter, coaching a local sports team, in a fraternity or sorority, or raising money for a cause you care deeply about, use to raise money online.

  • Absolutely Free

    Raise money for your cause without any fees.

  • How's it work?

    Create a fundraiser then pass out flyers or connect with friends & family through facebook and twitter telling them about your cause.

  • Benefits

    Local fundraising CAN benefit from online shopping and sharing of links. Instead of knocking on people's doors asking for cash.. Simply ask for them to think of you when they shop online.

  • Easy to Use

    Create your fundraiser, upload information & an image about your cause then start spreading the word.

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