Browser Extensions:
Google Chrome extension allows you to create a short url when browsing the web at the click of a button. The logo in the extension will turn green when you are visiting one of our partner sites to alert you cash back rewards are available.


API +Rewards:
Our API utilizes the KTHXBAI URL shortener to provide you with the shortest domain "". To top it off we'll incentivize you with an additional revenue stream. It's quite simple, if the link you send us is in our network (one of the 4,000+ stores) we wrap the link with affiliate tracking which pays commission based on sales. If the link is out of network we do a standard 301 redirect. Whenever your application shortens a link YOU will receive the same payouts as if you were the link creator. *Commission applies if the link created is not for a member of Edeems or for a Charity.

API Docs:
Documentation for the API is available in our API WIKI.

API Key:
To use our API you must request a key.

API Reporting:
Coming Soon. View the number of clicks processed, click activity, and revenue generated.