Rainforest Foundation US

In 1989, Sting and Trudie Styler founded The Rainforest Foundation in response to a direct request for help from a Kayapo Indian leader in Brazil who was seeking to protect his peoples' land and culture.The organization's initial project led to a role coordinating the first ever privately funded demarcation of Indian land in the region. Over the next seven years the Rainforest Foundation grew into a small network of 4 independent organizations in the US,the UK and Norway,working collectively in a dozen countries around the globe. Since its founding, the Rainforest Foundation US has implemented innovative projects in partnership with indigenous groups and
grassroots organizations in Latin America. Our staff works with partner organizations in the rainforest to help indigenous communities gain fundamental human rights, map their territories and file claims for land title, lobby for enforcement of laws and policy reforms,develop local sustainable development initiatives and monitor and manage natural resources.

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